Expanding Potentials of Possibilities

What do you want in life? This is where we are going to start. To identify your dreams, heart’s desires, and your soul’s purpose.

We will look at what longs to be healed, tended to and released. What blocks hold you in place causing you to feel stuck and trapped and manifesting as anxiety and depression. We free you from the quicksand of circumstances and thoughts. You gain tools, rituals and insights to guide you as you find peace in being, regardless of what is currently affecting you.

You are full of potentials of possibilities. Together we explore them to find the ones that excite and expand. We work through the fear and the limiting beliefs that bind you.

This is where you free your soul, heal your past and create your future.


A powerful sacred place to:

heal, create and express

align, connect and dream

 transform, release and let go

to face and heal the places that hurt the most

delve into you darkest place emerging inspired and renewed

come undone and then come together better than before

face your fears and insecurities

journey to the deepest parts of your psyche

heal trauma, depression, anxiety and life issues so they no long control your life

A magical place for:

imagination, inspiration and beauty

A place of:

authenticity, innovation and intuition

A safe place for:



  • A safe place to heal trauma, depression, anxiety and issues that keep you from thriving!
  • To heal the most vulnerable and raw places, the places that haunt you and keep you stuck. 
  • To create lasting change in your life. 
  • I am here to help you dive deep.  
  • To play in the shadows, dreams and underworld. Where you can safely come undo weaving back together only the pieces you need. 
  • To play in innovation and enlightened transformation
  • I am here to help you align and connect to your deepest self.
  • To guide you in discovering hidden aspects of you to enliven your dynamic flow of intuition, magic, power and healing.
  • I will help you express your unique wisdom and truth. 

I bring genuine and authentic empathy, compassion and love to all our interactions.


Ready to start your soul's journey? Contact me here

or or 720-238-2054

Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
— Neil Gaiman