Trauma, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Healing

Often when we suffer from trauma.  We feel hopeless and lost. We struggle to find ourselves and our voice.  

Trauma creates severed aspects of ourselves that need our tending. The child that was hurt. The angry you who wants justice and revenge. The voices of fear, anger, innocence, dreams and hopes. This is were you get to be you.  All the pieces and parts of you. 

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Is trauma preventing you from being yourself? Does trauma haunt your life and relationships?Are you ready to take back you?

 Your trauma is not you.  It is part of your story, of survival,  strength and creativity. The shame you feel is not yours but that of those who hurt but did not break you.

Survivors of trauma are not broken. Less than. Even though you carry deep shame about the pain you suffered. No,  you are incredible, magical and gifted.  You are special. Your experiences and how you adapted are what we do to survive. 

There is profound beauty when I am honored to bear witness to the healing of trauma. When I am taken on the journey of the survivor's story. When I am trusted to hold space, to listen and facilitate soul healing.  To gather the splits, breaks and fractures. To hear each piece and parts story. And to be part of the souls journey back to its self.  Each time, I witness how magnificent, forgiving and powerful the soul is.  


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also know as Multiply Personality Disorder

Is there more than one being who resides inside your body? Do you need a safe place for the beings inside to be seen and heard?

Often times, when faced with something the mind, soul and body can't fathom, we protect ourselves. For some, this means the addition of personalities or alters. These new additions to the persona aid the host or original personality to dealing with the event, experience or situations that are just too much.

I have met alter personalities who are different genders and sexual orientation from the host.  Alters who are aliens, from past lives,  and otherkin. Each alter comes with their own story, interests and ideas.  And I treat each as individuals, part of a larger family or system. 

I eagerly await meeting each identity.  Hearing their stories. Helping them to heal. 






Mind: Working through the thoughts and feelings. Tending to each story, each experience, each trauma. Healing the whole person. 

Body: Tending to the scars. Our bodies hold onto our traumas.  And our traumas can take residents in different parts of our physical bodies.  When you heal your body, you allow the body to release the places it holds trauma. 

Spirit: Bring the soul back to its self. Often times when we experience trauma, we split, fracture and sometimes leave ourselves.  We can tend to these places, pieces and parts. Bring back these pieces returning you to whole. 

Wabi Sabi and the Art of Kintsugi: The Japanese belief in finding the beauty in the process of life; in aging, in what appears to be broken and imperfections.  Finding beauty and magic in all our parts and pieces. 

As well as, they have an art of filling broken pots with gold.  I love this imagery, this idea of filling ourselves with gold when we crack, fracture and break.  Bring beauty and wholeness back to ourselves. 

Together we can fill the cracks and breaks. We can bring you back to whole.