from the comfort of your home

Take time to tend to you, on your own terms from the comfort of your own home. 


rituals for daily living for healers and empaths

You care. Alot.

As a healer, you work hard to help people.  

As an empath you are magnet and sponge for what is going on around you.

When you care you can end up taking on other people’s junk- stuff- feelings -emotions- moods and illnesses.

Taking care of you, helps you keep shining your light to help others shine their’s.

You can keep sharing your magic and gifts with others without taking on all there stuff.

Being a healer can leave you feeling drained and tired.  It can affect your moods. You might start the day happy and end up furious.

As an empath, you spend the day attracting emotions, feelings and moods. Which can lead to fatigue and illness.  When you create rituals for your self care you take care of you. Which helps you take care of others. Not to mention, leaving you feeling happier and rejuvenated.

I know about being a healer and an empath.  And I can be the first to tell you self care rituals use to be something I ignored.  I was exhausted. Sick all the time. Unhappy. Overweight. Miserable. And not very pleasant to be around. I was like a moldy sponge that hadn’t been wrung out in centuries (yeah, it was that bad).

Allow me to teach you the lessons and tricks I’ve learned. Let me help you create amazing self care rituals. Feed your soul!

the art of radical self care

Life can be hard. You spend your days running around, trying to keep up with your ever growing to do. You’ve got commitments, obligates and a life to live. By the time you get home at night you are exhausted and overwhelmed- what? You have to start over again tomorrow.

When you invest in art of radical self love you are investing in yourself.  You are making time to tend and care for yourself.  You get to pamper yourself, nourish your soul, feed your psyche and rejuvenate your body.
I didn’t even know what self care was until I started self care. And then I laughed at it. Until I learned it’s importance and art of taking care of myself.  When I started graduate school I was exhausted, spent my days running on empty. Feeling like I was always trying to catch up with someone or something. I had no energy. I was unhappy. And just trying to make it by. Lucky for me, I wised up and started to invest time in caring for me. Learn the art of self care so you can feel refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.



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