Trapped by your past? Unable to heal wounds that seem forever bleeding? Anxiety or depression cloud your happiness? Trauma keeping you from living life to the fullest?

You don’t have to suffer. 

I can help you heal the past, treat your anxiety,depression, trauma and issues that keep you stuck so you can thrive!



You will be able to express yourself free from limitations and censorship.  You will be able to explore those places that feel the most vulnerable, dark and painful. 

To reflect and process what holds you back, keeps you stuck, as well as, the magnificent journey of your life and experiences.  We will delve into the underworld of your psyche unearthing the hidden and illusive pieces of your soul. 

Each time we meet will hold a new adventure. My office is an interactive wonderland, created with love for you to express and explore you.  This is your time, your process, your way.

This is your time to explore, delve, discover and heal you!

Your time to be heard, seen and witnessed.  

This is the place that you get you to be beautiful you!

Each intuitive counseling session may include:

  • talking
  • creative expression-creating art to heal
  • dream tending- exploring your waking and sleeping dreams, connecting to your subconscious for insight, clarity and healing
  • shadow work-confronting what we judge, dislike and condemn for wisdom and wholeness
  • connecting to guides, ancestors,  and allies
  • energy work
  •  accessing your Akashic records
  • shamanic journeying
  • guided imagery
  • sand tray- connecting to your subconscious for awareness and healing
  • sound healing
  • and/or consulting tarot and oracle cards

If you interested in only therapy, reiki or any other healing modalities please ask, I am happy to accommodate!

Every visit includes: meeting you exactly where you are in a safe, non judgement environment, complimentary tea, coffee or water. Aromatherapy. Snacks.

Price:  $110 for 50 minutes.

Want a 20 minute free consultation? Contact me here

or or 720-238-2054

From the heart:

I am over the moon excited to be part of your journey.  To co create with you.  I am ready to help you go to those dark places, the cracks, the corners, the stuff buried in the closet and set them free.  To be your guide through the underworld,  To be your witness in your sacred coming undone and glorious rebuilding of you.  I am ready when you are to break what holds you back, to go to the places that you fear the most, to discover the unseen and set your soul afire.  I love what I do, I can’t wait to work with you!