Dear radiant one,

You never cease to amazing me, even when you are in the clutches of chaos. Your luminous soul radiates through the tears, the pain, the trauma. And you are beautiful!

Life has been a struggle. You long to integrate all aspects of who you are are in alignment with the that which is bigger than you. Others define you as extra sensitive, overly emotional, blunt, emotionless, empath, intuitive, highly sensitive, over reactive, starseed and indigo child.

You have a deep desire to heal the planet, to make people happy, to ease the pain of others, longing to know to understand, to learn, to heal, to connect, to live your soul’s purpose, to understand your gifts and abilities (to honor them), to not feel the need to allow others to define and create who you are, being you while still connecting to those you love, to be seen and held and not judged, to know the universe is supporting you in the midst of chaos, to work with nature, the moon, the elements.

Welcome home!


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From the heart:

I am over the moon excited to be part of your journey.  To co create with you.  I am ready to help you go to those dark places, the cracks, the corners, the stuff buried in the closet and set them free.  To be your guide through the underworld,  To be your witness in your sacred coming undone and glorious rebuilding of you.  I am ready when you are to break what holds you back, to go to the places that you fear the most, to discover the unseen and set your soul afire.  I love what I do, I can’t wait to work with you!