Classes, Groups and Workshops

Dream Tending: This monthly dream-tending workshop will clear grogginess and bring clarity about symbology, dream ritual, dream analysis, lucid dreams, daydreaming, shadow, messages from spirit, creation, active imagination, and visitation. During our time together we will bring creativity, magic and fun into self exploration. Join us as we delve into the unique meanings of your dreams. Classes held at Ritualcravt. Click here to register.


Support Your Chosen Path: This monthly support group is for all who are on an earth based path, who want to process and share what it's like to lead a deep spiritual life in a very stripped and sterile world. we call on people interested in the Fae, magic, and astrology, those that are empathic, with psychic abilities, who have relationships with ancestors, guides and nature. we accept all who want to share their experiences with their path in a loving and supportive environment. We want to hear your stories and experiences, for when we gather in communion, we bring light and healing to ourselves, our communities, and our world. Come and meet with your tribe, celebrate, explore, discuss, learn and enhance your life.  Classes held at Ritualcravt. Click here to register.

Sacred Clearing Rituals: Learn how to step into a more authentic relationship with your energy by clearing your environmental space and yourself. Having a daily energetic cleansing practice can be vital to helping you feel less drained, as you will separate yourself from others' energy. Learn different clearing techniques based on the cycles of the moon, shamanic traditions, and earth based traditions, using tincture, herbs, teas, crystals, salts, fruit, spaces, smokes and the elements. Classes held at Ritualcravt. Click here to register.


Life and Spirituality: Handing life while maintaining your spirituality. Life ebbs and flows. For some, spirituality is what they turn to when life is hard and in crisis, forgetting it when life is good. For others, spirituality is a daily affair until life gets hectic and stressful, then their spirituality gets lost. Do either of this sound familiar? Learn how to create a balanced life that co-exists with your spiritual beliefs and practices. Held at my office. Registration coming soon!


Spirituality and Trauma: It can be difficult to heal a tramautic wound. This therapeutic group is designed to teach you how spiritual traditions enhance the journey of healing from trauma. Learn and explore different spiritual and energetic healing methods that gently assist your healing process with trauma. Participate in rituals designed to support, facilitate and elevate your healing. Held at my office. registration coming soon!