Astrology and therapy


I love bringing astrology into therapy. It creates perspective, context and food for thought. Astrology can affirm who we are and illuminate areas for growth, including our shadow. As well as, astrology can let us know what tools we innately have at our disposal, areas of our life that will flow with ease and grace and others that will be more difficult to navigate. Astrology can provide ritual and rhythm into our mundane daily lives. It can bring focus to areas we need to tend to, honor and celebrate. 

How I use astrology in therapy:

sun, moon and ascending signs

Your sun sign is your core self. Your moon sign is your emotional self. Your rising or ascending sign is the mask you show the world. 

Each of these provides valuable information into who you are, how you express yourself and how you are perceived by others. Each can be used as a road map to achieve goals. Each sign’s traits are tools at your disposal to enhance your life and improve your relationships.


Astrology and the Elements

The element guide us in areas of our lives that ask for healing, expansion as well as support. Each sign has an element. We can work with the sign’s element to support us on our healing and goals. For instance, September 1 the moon is in the sign of Libra. Libra is an air sign so you would focus on intellect, imagination, curiosity and mind related activities. Or you can focus on the sign for the month. For example, from July 23-August 22 we are in the sun sign of Leo, which is a fire sign. So you would focus on your energy on passion, inspiration and spirituality. 

The elements are as follows:

Fire- energy, passion, inspiration, spirit

Earth- practical, grounding, protection, body

Air- intellect, imagination, curious, mind

Water- feeling, love, intuition, emotions


Astrology Modes

Each sign has a mode. Knowing your signs mode can help you to understand your energy. Knowing the mode the sign the moon or sun is in can also help you to know how to work with the energy around you. This can be beneficial in knowing when to create, sustain or release. 

The mode can be broken down into three types of energy, they are cardinal=initiating, fixed=sustaining and mutable=transferring.


The moon

Then we delve into the cycles of the moon. The moon is all about emotion which brings a beautiful way to work with emotions in therapy. Looking at how each affects you and the best times for you to work with the moon and her cycles. The can support us in creative endeavors as well as healing aspects of our lives. 

Moon cycles:

New moon- new beginnings, a time of planting seeds and setting intentions to manifest goals, unlimited possibilities

Crescent- set in motion, mobilizing energy, set intentions, declaration, details, taking action, think ahead, plan, actions

Gibbous- refine, adjust, adapt, perfect, movement, patience

Full- illumination, transformation, growth, expansion, blessings, joy, celebration

Disseminating-acceptance, gratitude, release blocks, receive

Last quarter- reflect, readjust, transition, forgiveness

Balsamic-rest and restore, surrender



The most common retrograde is Mercury, bringing to attention our communication methods. A retrograde is when I planet is moving backwards. This is often felt as a disruption to our daily lives, it can be unnoticeable or feel like the planet is reeking havoc. According to inner sky by Steven Forrest, he says retrograde is “A retrograde planet represents an aspect of a person’s character that lacks confidence in itself. It feels awkward and insecure – unworthy – although those feelings may wear a cloak of bravado and defensiveness.” 

Planets and their meanings (so you know what to work on during that’s planet’s retrograde)

Mercury- information

Venus- love and relationships

Mars- patience and learning when to back down from a fight, battles

Jupiter- calculated risks

Saturn- reevaluate goals and plans, self discipline

Uranus-- know your causes, individuality

Neptune- creativity, letting go of ego

Pluto- shadow (the place I love to play), destiny


Astrology and Therapy

Astrology brings a new lens to therapy. It brings curiosity and play to therapy. It provides a new way to experience and heal your world.