Ego is Your Friend

Photo by  Karina Lago  on  Unsplash

Photo by Karina Lago on Unsplash

Your ego is the manager of the most popular night club in the world. It is responsible for everything that comes in and goes out of this night club. Constantly under pressure. Constantly trying to do it’s best under the circumstances. Bouncers who decide who or what comes in depending on the day. The entertainment (good or bad), to keep patrons engaged. Staff to serve all the visitors. And the visitors, your thoughts, emotions, circumstances, past, present, future, everything that makes you, you! Your ego is doing it’s best to keep you up and running.  

Photo by  Joel Filipe  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

The soul is the foundation of the night club, the dreamer who created it and hired the ego. Before the nightclub ever existed the soul, choose its purpose, the purpose of the club, including hiring the manager, the ego. The soul enjoys experiences. It is open to learning and growing. The ego does not have time for this. The ego is managing everything and on top of that is often tasks with the soul’s purpose. Those are like the goals we set for ourselves, New Year's resolutions, dreams, yearly work goals, that we create and set aside. The ego has so much going on that it forgets about the soul and the deeper work. Until we decide to wake up. To check in with our soul and align with our soul’s purpose. This is where we invite our ego to join our soul, sit down, in the club when it’s quiet and talk. Together they can map out how the soul can live its purpose and the ego can continue to do what it does best, run the show. Yes, the ego is going to need to be checked and it’s going to have re-evaluated staffing and entertainment and the perhaps even remodel the club. This is part of awakening. Knowing the employees of the club, their function and if they are still necessary staff. Yes, there can be pain and grief. This is necessary so your ego and soul can work together during this incarnation. So the nightclub can continue to be the best!