Putting the SOUL back in self care

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Self care has become just another thing to check off our to do lists.

It has become a task, something we do because we are told to. Something that we hope will help us feel better. We engage in our self care half heartedly and often mindlessly.  Self care has lost its soul.

Self care was intended to be a an act of self love, a ritual to tend to the soul.

It's time to bring the love, ritual and soul back into your self care- your soul care.

So, how do you put the soul back into your self care?


Listen. Check in mind, body and soul. What does your body need? A run, a walk, yoga, meditation, a nap, dancing, a hug… What does your mind need? To read, to play, to rest… What does your soul need? Play, art, music, nature...

  • Don’t judge. We often cencor what comes up when we listen to our deepest needs. We ignore what comes up. Don’t judge. This is your deepest wisdom. This is your soul, letting you know what it needs. Meet yourself with childlike wonderment and awe. Be like Alice in Wonderland. Be open and curious. You never know what magical healing can happen when you remain open and curious.
  • Lean in. Honor what comes up. Meet yourself where you are. If you long to dance, dance. If you need to write or paint, then do it! This is the healing, the growth, the nurturing of you!
  • Believe in magic. When you believe in the impossible, it becomes possible. When you look for those things that amaze and inspire you. You harness positivity.
  • Try new things. This is part of leaning in. Explore and try new things. Be open. Explore, experience and enjoy.
  • Variety. What we need from day to day varies. Allow yourself to follow what you need. You might need a bath bomb candle light bath one day and hike the next. Give yourself permission to listen and go with what comes up (leaning in).

Before you know it you’ll have a arsenal of soul care magic at your fingertips to indulge the senses when, where and as you need. Filling you up.