Creating Change

The New Year for many is a new beginning.  We honor the New Year with the creation of new goals and dreams.  We resolve to be better, get better, to change and fix.  We make lists of things we want to achiev.  Add to , revise and maybe even create a bucket or *uck it list.  And as the year progresses we mark our accomplishments or more likely than not we become disillusioned, stuck and frustrated. Giving up on our resolutions, goals and dreams. 

We start off, setting ourselves up for failure. We dream big but don't plan. We want and wish but don't do the work. We dream and forget that life gets messy, that's how we learn. 

If we want to change and create our dreams. We have to get dirty and do the work. 

What we do:

1.       Write down your goals and dreams. 

2.       Get creative, create a vision board and put where you can see it daily.

3.       Map it out.  You got to have bit size pieces you can swallow.  If the piece feels too big, then it is.  Break it down more.  For example, your goal is get in shape.  Break it down.  You want to be able to walk a mile, run a 5k, go the gym 5 times a week.  Make your goal measurable. 

4.       Reward yourself.  Positive reinforcement really works.  What do you want to give yourself for achieving each step?

5.       Forgive yourself if you fall of the wagon. It’s okay.  Life happens.  Get up, dust yourself off and start again.

6.       Give yourself permission to succeed, to fail, to learn and to try.  What do you need to give yourself permission for to achieve your goals?

What we need to do:

1. Start looking at where you limit yourself. Do you play small? Shy away from the spotlight? Acknowneldge your weakness. You can't get stronger if you don't know where you need to grow.

2. Heal your stories. We create stories and live by them. Stories of victimhood, neglect, traums, success, failure and on the list goes. These stories define us. But they are not who we are. Look at where your stories no longer serve who you are.

3. Allow yourself to feel all your emotions. They are messangers. When we run from uncomfortable feelings, we stunt our abiltity to grow, change and manifest. Feel each emotion, what does it have to offer? Lean in and work with it. You don't have to get caught in the emotion, feel it, let it teach you, work with and move on. 

Wishing you a fantastic New Year full of growth and change!