Trapped in the anxious mind

It's like a hamster in a ball running around your house, and you just can't catch it.

It seems to never tire out. Running and running and running.

And with each step it gains momentum.

Until you are out of breath, frantic and panicking.

It takes just one thought and anxiety, like the hamster is off and running.

The body is hooked, it's bought what anxiety is selling, with the first sales pitch. 

Your breath is getting shorter and more shallow. Your heart is pounding. And your hands are getting sweaty. 

Now, anxiety and your body conspire together, road trip bound with you trapped in the backseat.

Each thought builds on the last. Some grow more and more irrational. Black and white thinking, it's all or nothing. It's this or that. Catastrophizing- it's the end of the world. 

Anxiety doesn't have to run away with you. You don't have to be it's prisoner. You can toss anxiety in the backseat and take control of the car.

Ways to deal with Anxiety

Making anxiety worse