Cultivating Vulnerability

So many of us run from this word, vulnerability. We long to have it and be it and yet we are terrified of it.

We are terrorized by the thought of being exposed, raw and open. Yet, when we are exposed, raw and open we are free to be ourselves. You are allowing yourself to be seen in all your glory, the good, the bad and the ugly. You are seen in all your beautiful human-ness. This is powerful. This takes back your voice and your power.

Benefits of Vulnerability.png

When you hide your vulnerability you allow fear to control you. We fear sharing ourselves because of rejection and judgement. When we are rejected or judged by others, this tells you a great deal about the other person. Remember when the fear of rejection and judgement come up:

They judge and reject themselves. They are not in a place to accept you because they cannot accept themselves. They are not ready to deal their own stuff that you remind them of, so it’s easier to push you away then to face themselves.

Cultivating Vulnerability.png

Can you be a model to the person who is rejecting and judging you? Can you lead by example, by embracing your human-ness?

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