Mad World

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Every day we are bombarded horror.  Shootings, violence, wars.  Social media and our emails overwhelmed with notifications and stories about how horrible the world is.  Morning and night news programs remind us how awful humanity is and that the world is unsafe.  All of this takes a toll on a person.  

We can only hold so much. Bare so much. Witness so much. Before we shut down. Tune out. Disengage. Empath try to hold it all neglecting self care in the name of selfishness forgetting that their gift is guide others through their feelings not to hold them. 

I refuse to believe that the world is falling apart.  I see a world of hurt and broken people.  A world of people who have suffered and carry the suffering of generations before them. I see a world of people who hurt and have no way to let it go.  So, they carry the pain, the stuff the pain, they ignore the pain, until one day, they just can’t take it and they explode.  Not everyone is going to go on a killing rampage, they might just yell at someone else.  They might get physically violent.  Or they might slowly implode. Turning the anger inward.

For those who are raised in war torn counties.  They know no other life.  This has been their life, a life of violence and oppression.  This is not fair and this not the world I want to leave for my children and future generations.

I want to believe that we, as individuals can create a movement to change the world.  Starting with each and every one of us.

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash


1.       Take care of yourself.  Free yourself of your past burdens.  The pains you carry with you.  Your family’s pains.  Past pains, heal them and free them.  They are only holding you down.  Let them go, they do not serve you.  These pains taught of lesson, find the lesson and then let them go.

2.       Take a break from the media.  All forms, social, television news programs.  Let you mind and your soul get a break from the daily assault of horrors.

3.       Find the good.  Look for the good.  It is out there.  Find it and appreciate it.

4.       Smile.  Even if people don’t smile back.  Give them a smile.  You never know what they are going through and your smile might just help.

5.       Share the love.  Volunteer.  Do some good.  Try to do one good deed a day.  Just think if everyone in the world did one good deed a day, what an impact that would have.

6.       Don’t take things personally.  Everyone suffers, has their own issues that manifest in unhealthy ways.  Being mean, pushy, rude, overbearing.  Don’t take it personally.  Send them love, they need it!

What works for you in dealing with the pains of society?  I’d love to hear from you!