Dear magnificent soul,

You bring deep colored ritual to all you do.  You exude magic and originality – influencing and inspiring others.  You bring dynamic energy and flow to your craft.  You weave the shimmering golden fabric of the ethereal.  You cut through illusion, illuminating it with light.  

Yet, you long for a place to unravel and reweave.  A held sacred container to express and delve into the deepest pieces of you.  To process your experiences, without judgment. To explore you, with curiosity and authenticity. Breathing peace into vulnerability.    Tending those places that feel the most damaged, broken and unseen with unconditionally love.

This is exactly the space you have been seeking. This is the place to tend your soul.

 You see, I am a soul tender. I am here, to help you cultivate your soul through exploration and vision.  This is my calling.   Together, we will explore your dreams, walk in your shadows, sit in the void, be in the calm.  Somewhere in the middle you will discover wholeness.  Balance between, light and darkDescending and ascending.  Lucidity and imagination.  Joining together all the beautiful pieces and parts of you.

I invite you to start your journey of tending your soul. To dive into the waters of your life and psyche.  For you to traverse the roads of past, present and unlimited future.  Along the way, gaining powerful insight and expansion.  Aligning and connecting to your deepest self.

Tenderly and soulfully,


Who am I?

  • An empath who has spent my life working in the human services field. You name it, I've done it.
  • I have worked as a crisis clinician, therapist, milieu counselor, case manager, and program manager.
  • I have worked with families, children, adults, teens and adults with developmental disabilities. 
  • Registered psychotherapist with a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Regis University.  
  • I am also certified in Transpersonal Counseling and Child and Adolescent Counseling, also from Regis University.  
  • I have received training in facilitating shamanic journeying and Akashic Records readings.  
  • Reiki master.
  • Ifa practitioner. 
  • Intuitive.

A little bit more about me:

Love: Communing with people.  A-ha moments.  Witnessing people’s stories. Reading. Rainy days. Hot drinks. Sun on my face. Wind in my hair. My pets. My family. Nature. Chocolate. Pop culture. Soft cuddly things. Zombies. Horror movies. Glitter. Flowers. Art. Smiles.  Hugs.  The moon. Stars.  The cosmos.  Crystals.  Music.  Photography. Architecture (the older the better). Running. Creating. Laughter. The smell of rain. A hot bath on a cold night. Divine guidance.   Game of Thrones, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and Rick and Morty. 

Believe in: Magic. Miracles. The Universe. Love. Happiness. Transformation. Healing. The power of voice and stories. Creative self expression. People. Community. All life matters. The beauty of existence.  Dreams. Imagination.

Dream of: A world filled will unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of self and others.